Sunday, September 18, 2016

Recollections of a school uniform.

I managed a uniform detention on my very first day of school, got off the bus and walked into the school grounds and this person with a band on their arm (prefect as it turns out) directed me to the school assembly area and a stage which I was told to sit on.    Assembly progressed and I thought I was sitting on the stage because I was a newcomer, but not in 1st year, I was in 3rd year so obviously all of us on the stage where new people in years above 1  st.......       WRONG!  as the assembly progressed towards the end we were asked to stand...and held up as an example of how not to wear your uniform.    
urgh! the bane of my life..... The Rose Bay High School winter tunic. easily modified by two nappy pins on the shoulders to hoist the yoke up to near choking capacity, and remove the belt from its loops and retie in position after sucking breath in to full lung capacity, quickly tying belt and breathing out....good for at least an extra two inches in shortness.
Didn't have one like this at my school in UK..... thought when we emigrated that they had bought reject uniforms from St Trinians.

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