Sunday, September 18, 2016

Recollections of a school uniform.

I managed a uniform detention on my very first day of school, got off the bus and walked into the school grounds and this person with a band on their arm (prefect as it turns out) directed me to the school assembly area and a stage which I was told to sit on.    Assembly progressed and I thought I was sitting on the stage because I was a newcomer, but not in 1st year, I was in 3rd year so obviously all of us on the stage where new people in years above 1  st.......       WRONG!  as the assembly progressed towards the end we were asked to stand...and held up as an example of how not to wear your uniform.    
urgh! the bane of my life..... The Rose Bay High School winter tunic. easily modified by two nappy pins on the shoulders to hoist the yoke up to near choking capacity, and remove the belt from its loops and retie in position after sucking breath in to full lung capacity, quickly tying belt and breathing out....good for at least an extra two inches in shortness.
Didn't have one like this at my school in UK..... thought when we emigrated that they had bought reject uniforms from St Trinians.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Richmond Ramblings

Well this is a new section for my Retired life in the Rainforest....
as you know I retired from work as a Diversional Therapist and Community Carer, became a carer and then remarried.... had 5 glorious years living in Maydena (small township in the rainforest) then my hubby died and I had a couple of years living on my own and  reassessing and moving on with my life.  Met Mr Fantastic on dating site Plenty of Fish and the rest is history.  I am now back at work part time, working as a support worker in Supported Accommodation in the Mental Health field. Living at Beautiful Richmond gorgeous colonial township with lots of history. We have renovated the house hubby has lived in for the last 19 years or so, bought a caravan and a new vehicle and are looking forward to paying off the mortgage and travelling around the mainland of Australia.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

YAY! Finished my certificate 4 in Mental Health.

Yes, I know I have been quiet recently.  I have been busy with Life, Work and TAFE, this week I finally handed in my last module for the Cert 4 in Mental Health.  It has been a challenge returning to study and to the classroom, especially since I thought we were going to be able to complete this online.    I was amazed at the casual ways of the classroom, turn up when you are able, walk out to take a phone call, check your text messages while in class.  If the tutor is about to put on a movie which is pertinent to your studies, just casually announce that you are going for a coffee and walk out, make the whole class wait for you to return.... I was amazed as I said.... thinking of all the detentions I would have had if I had done that when in school myself.

So between juggling rosters, reorganising shifts to accommodate TAFE studies, attending training at work for the new service management system and NDIS rollout things have been just a tad hectic.
But that is behind me now, so watch out there will be a few posts coming up to make up for lost time.

I have still remained active in Bookcrossing and on, and am hoping to make loads of difference in the garden over the next few weeks.

Michael and I have recently attended the Uni Revue which was great, we started out at Mako fish punt for our evening meal with friends and then on to the Theatre Royal for the Revue.

Will make a blog post regards our holiday we had recently, and catching up with all family members.

An Afternoon High Tea

Had a wonderful High Tea experience at Riversdale Estate for my daughters birthday.
A friend of hers had organised for a surprise afternoon tea to celebrate her birthday we were joined by friends and had a relaxing afternoon in sumptuous surroundings.  Imagine velvet tub chairs with diamond buttons in the back.  Crisp clean white linen on the tables, beautiful floral display in the centre of an orangery (or conservatory).  Food served on fine china with numerous choices of tea and a veritable smorgasbord of food which was brought out on a 3 layer fine china arrangement with a large R topping the plate stand. 

Savouries on the bottom layer salmon bagel, and a lovely Cornish pastie with chutney, finger sandwiches on the top layer, and the middle layer was mud cake, strawberry tartlet, and a lovely wine trifle.  Just when you thought you could eat no more along came the scones and Chantilly cream….lush.   A choice of teas to wash this down and refills available, fine china and silver service.

The views over the vineyard and the bay were beautiful, it was so tranquil and serene, and we went for a walk along to the Peter Rabbit Garden after our High Tea. This is a new attraction and the only one in the Southern Hemisphere, beautifully laid out and following the Adventures of Peter Rabbit from the books by Beatrix Potter.

There was also a Beatrix Potter inspired shop with lots of lovely gift ideas from her books.

All in all a wonderful afternoon with great friends.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Kaylene (Story) Jones Eulogy

Kay Story…..
We met February 1969 when I had a disastrous first day at school in a new country, and Kay took pity on a pom in detention.
We both lived in Risdon Vale and I would often walk to Kay’s, we would catch the school bus together and then go to a friends house in Rose Bay for a cuppa and then walk back to school; there were also days when we deliberately missed the school bus in order to catch the city bus and chat with our friend Annette who went to a private school.
Kay and I, and our other friend Maz regularly managed to not do sport together. Friday afternoons straight after lunch we would manage to lose our timetable and spend time together, with Maz singing, bar bar bar bar Barbara Ann, and us providing the chorus, making plans for the weekend, swapping clothes, records and dreams. Occasionally we would go to Rosny Regional Shopping Centre always looking out for Choco Royle, so we wouldn’t get a detention. On one occasion when we did participate in PE, we managed to get lost walking around the Hill behind school and had to miss out on the next class that afternoon, as we cut through the bush, skirting the golf course down to Gordon’s Hill Road and sauntered back to school having a fag to calm our frazzled nerves.
 Maz and I remember the sports mistress telling us she was going to ask our mother’s to get us checked out gynacologically as we managed to miss swimming every week for an entire term - but we didn’t discriminate - we missed all sports.
Kay and I became good friends, Kay was a patrol leader in our local Girl Guides unit and I transferred to Australian Guides and became her seconder.   The following year we discovered the CWA hall dances with The Corvettes which were also on a Friday night. Kay dropped Guides first, quickly followed by myself in favour of the local fortnightly dance.   Our fathers used to take it in turns to run us back and forth to the dance in Lindisfarne, and later to Humpty’s in Moonah on one of these occasions my father’s car had problems and every time we stopped in the traffic we had to get out and push his car to get it going again, in platform shoes and flares it wasn’t a good look.  We were very pleased to see Kay’s dad at the end of the dance.
Our Rose Bay days where too soon behind us and Kay went on to Elizabeth Matric, and I went to work…luckily in North Hobart so we still caught up on a regular basis.
Life occasionally got in the way of our friendship and we could go long periods of time where we did not see each other, but our paths would cross again, and we would just pick up where we left off, over a cuppa we would chat and joke about the twists and turns we had taken and it was as if we had only been out of touch for a week or so.
Our kids went to the same school, but were in different years we would often have a chat at the bus stop as Kay went to work and I went home, usually with kids in tow who didn’t mind playing on the oval while we kept watch for the city bus.
Kay was always busy with some project either at home or at The Shack, but always had time to help anyone, she took pity on me and my lack of sewing skills often turning up work trousers, or giving advice on sewing projects.  We both loved crafts and would often share ideas and patterns, comparing our wool stashes, and upcoming projects.  Kay also had a wicked sense of humour so the emails would go back and forth with jokes.  Our dads had taught us the same fractured nursery rhymes and Christmas carols which we would compare and inevitably teach to our kids.
We had the same sort of friendship with our other good friend Maz, who had spent some time on the mainland after RBHS.  I bumped into Maz at the local store and we chatted in the aisle for what must have been a good hour…. The three of us resumed our friendship, transferred from the terraces of Rose Bay High, to Kay and Lee’s kitchen.
Maz often caught up with Kay through the course of her work, and fondly remembers the drawer at Kays work, which always had lollies which she freely shared.
Kay, Maz and I spent a lovely morning together recently, drinking tea, telling jokes, chatting, sorting wool, and copying knitting patterns.   Little did we know it would be the last time we would be together.
Kay has never changed over the years, always ready with a quip or joke, a cuppa and a cake, never judgemental, always loving and caring, supportive through everything that life throws at you.

Kay Mate,
We have gone from Witches Britches, Hair ties and slouch socks
to boyfriends, marriages and maternity smocks.
Our love of cars, music and the odd craft project,
Home renos, family and kids we love to protect
life changes, training and new careers,
Our friendship spanned so many years.
God didn’t need to prove it, we already knew,

He took the best, and broke our hearts, when he took you.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mainland, mainland, mainland.... and a couple of funerals.

We had a lovely first caravan trip to the mainland in May 2015. 

Destination Maroochydore to celebrate with my brothers family members for our mum's 80th birthday, then on to my sisters and another celebration on the actual day.
On the way to Maroochydore we stopped at Glenrowan - Ned Kelly Country - and visited and amazing anamatronic show where the events leading up to his capture were recreated as if you were there and part of the events.

We also visited Mount Panorama - the racing track and museum of cars and motor bikes. 

While at my brothers we visited Underwater World at Mooloolaba, I had been there before but it is a lovely place to visit and admire the fish in a near normal environment as we walked around viewing tunnels and observed their behaviours.
It was lovely to get away and relax also to spend time with family members on both sides of the family.
We had a slight hiccup leaving my sisters house, the kerbing in front of her house was a little high and damaged the rear of our Ford XR6, necessitating running repairs in the way of screws and cable ties.... we arrived at Michael's fathers home and another problem the drive was too steep to be able to back the caravan in.... quick unhook and an appeal to the neighbours to help push the caravan into place, and some serious thinking about the vehicle.  We love the XR6 but it is perhaps just a little too low to tow with.    
Next day on way to SeaWorld we checked out some 2nd hand cars and I did a search on Cars Guide and we put an expression of interest in at Sunshine Ford on a Ford Territory ex demo vehicle they had.... arranged to view it later in the day, crunched some numbers with the budget and we became the proud owners of a new Territory, diesel, just had a couple of small things to do on it before we took possession, like fitting a tow bar, and having tinting done on the windows.  

This also gave us a chance to visit Movie World and spend a relaxing day there moving among look alike movie stars and watching stage shows and 3D movies.

We spent an extra night on the Gold Coast catching up with family there before we took possession of our new vehicle and travelled onto Valla Beach in NSW, and visiting Michael's mother and husband Geoff.
We had a lovely meal out with his mum, as Geoff was not well and was in Macksville hospital, having some tests done.
We stayed an extra day in Valla Beach before heading down to Melbourne and the Spirit of Tasmania ferry and home.

We had just been home about a fortnight, back at work a week when we hastened to Melbourne as Michael's daughter Emma had her first baby, a gorgeous little bundle of joy called Thea.  She had been a little anxious to meet us all, causing her mum to spend time in hospital in Tassie, before transferring to Royal Melbourne Womens Hospital for the birth.  Thea was diagnosed as having spina bifida in an early scan and would require surgery immediately following her birth.  She has proven to be quite a feisty little girl, kicking out catheters and removing drips, but has come on in leaps and bounds and is progressing well.  It was lovely that all the siblings and family where able to be in Melbourne for some time while Thea was in Neo Natal Intensive Care and show support to Emma and her partner Matthew.  Michael and I flew in the day following the birth and stayed 4 days we had to wait for our cuddles of the precious little bundle till she was released from hospital and back home in Tassie.

During this time we were made aware of problems with Michael's step father, his health was deteriorating fast, he had been placed in a nursing home for respite care with the possibility of a full time placement as it was getting harder for Michael's mother to care for him at home. He was having falls and there was the possibility that he could injure himself in a fall, and it was hard to assist him back upright following falls.  We got a phone call on a Tuesday morning that he had passed away and planned a trip back to the mainland for his funeral and farewell.  We travelled into Sydney along with Liz (Michael's eldest daughter) and Josh (Michael's son from Adelaide) met us there. We hired a car and had a 6 hour trip to Valla Beach for the funeral the following day. It was lovely to see all of Michaels Brothers and his sisters in one place with his mum, but it was a pity the circumstances were such.   Road trip back to Sydney and back home....

The day before we left for Sydney I had the news that a dear school friend of mine that had been battling cancer had passed away, so we came home to another funeral and this time I had been asked to give a Eulogy to my friend about our school days and our friendship over the years.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Had a lovely short cruise, Sailed from Sydney on P&O's Pacific Pearl
Which was our first time cruising and hopefully not our last! Left Sydney on a Thursday and cruised to Moreton Island (just off Brisbane) spent Saturday on the Island, which is a National Park. Welcomed onshore by lifeguards, Band playing, tropical feel, sunshine, and holiday mood all round.
Had a Quad bike ride... (definetly not my thing) Michael enjoyed this and was in his element.
Also had a go at Segways, and travelled on them along the beach to where a natural breakwater had been made using old ship wrecks to provide a sheltered harbouring point for smaller craft. 
The staff on board Pacific Pearl were wonderful and there was so much to do.  We attended Art Lectures, Health and Lifestyle Information Sessions.  Won a couple of small artworks.

we had won a rather large scene of a small township, which although it was lovely, was a piece which had been passed in at an art auction we attended that afternoon... it was ours and just had to be framed and shipped to us $550+ so we declined, as we do not have much wall space with our home being open plan, so we were offered these two smaller prints, and went to Big W on our return and framed them for around $25. 
The shows on board were fantastic, we spent an evening Running away with the Circus, watched Gymnast and Acrobats with an amazing Laser Light Show. Listened to the Blue Brothers, there were big screens outside with movies, you could just lay on loungers and relax.  We discovered the Lounge and reading room (I set a couple of bookcrossing books free there)  The Meals were fabulous, it was truly a wonderful and relaxing time.  Our Cabin Steward Rico was a delight, we were surprised to find a dog in our cabin on return from the Island trip.
Very creative our Rico, such a lovely person lives in the Phillipines and is actually an accountant, but the job with P&O is  better paying, so he does several months on contract and then returns to his family for a short while before accepting another contract. 
We arrived back in Sydney on the Monday and disembarked ship around 9am, took our cases to the airport and then did a bit of sightseeing around Sydney.  Went back to Circular Quay and had a look around The Opera House concourse, The Botanical Gardens.  Truly enjoyed our relaxing break.